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If you are looking to dispose of your vehicle, you can complete one simple form and have breaker yards contact you, either with a cash offer, or least some sort of free collection to remove your scrap vehicle.

We only deal with breaker yards or companies that deal with salvage cars, vans and scrap bikes, so you will not find any private buyers within our system, only registered businesses. These professionals are interested in buying your old car in order to recycle the parts or the scrap metals contained within, depending on the age, condition and the demand for that particular model. As required in their legal responsibility, they must ensure that the correct DVLA documentation is completed, including the V5C and must either be, or use an ATF treatment centre to deal with the scrap components that have not been resold, including plastics, toxic's, batteries and fluids. However at the time of sale, the only paperwork, you will need to deal with with involve the change of car ownership V5 documentation and receipts, removing the responsibility from you to the new owner.

Avoid Fines For An Un-taxed Or Un-roadworthy Vehicle

It is estimated that around 3 million vehicles are taken off the UK roads each year, either because they have come to the end of their natural life or have been involved in some sort of accident. But there is another category where cars may find themselves scrapped sometimes against their owners will. The UK law now states every vehicle should have purchased valid road tax certificate to be on a public road or must be "SWORN" and on private property if not. If this is not adhered to, there is a real possibility that the police will take ownership of that car and if the relevant fine plus road tax not paid within a specific time, that vehicle may be scrapped without the owner receiving any cash or compensation.

Non Insured Vehicles Can Now Be Scrapped

This law has now been extended to insurance, so any vehicle that is not declared as "off the road" may also be scrapped by the police if payment is not received within a certain time frame. If a car is not taxed or insured, in theory it would be very difficult to sell privately, as it may not be legal to test drive, plus the new owner may be associated with the fines of the previous car owner. In order to avoid this situation, many choose to get cash for their old car using this disposal scrappage system, where dismantler agents will also collect the car for free and transfer ownership.

No Obligation Quote

When you complete the form a breaker yard agent will contact you and make an offer based on how you have described your scrap car. It is up to you, whether you feel this quote is acceptable, taking into account the costs of the breaker yard including free car collection and the legal scrapping obligations. Unlike other web sites, your information goes off to more than one breaker yard so you may get more than one quote for your vehicle and there is no obligation on your part.

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