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If you have a scrap car ready to be disposed of, we will help you out your vehicle in front of prospective buyers, mainly from the breaker yard industry. In most cases these agents will pay you for the vehicle based on the details you complete on the form. There is no commitment on your behalf, breaker yards are mainly after your car for the ability to strip it down and sell it for parts.

Old Mercedes scrap car

The Buyers Of Your Vehicle Waiting

These are all registered businesses; your car is not presented to any private buyer. Legally they can no longer offer you cash in the hand for your vehicle, so have your bank details to hand. Any agreed price will be transferred to your bank account within the time agreed by both parties. Local and national agents may contact you with a price to buy your vehicle, the choice is then up to you, who you deal with.

Scrapping Your Car? What’s The Definition?

The definition of a scrap car, could be a non runner, something that won’t start or a salvage vehicle that has been involved in an accident or an unfinished project, which is not road worthy. These vehicles will be taken off the road legally; the actual scrapping process will be done within European laws, either by the buyer of the vehicle or transported to a recycle area.

Uneconomical To Repair Vehicles

Millions of cars are taken off the road each year normally because they have become of an age where there are uneconomical to repair or run. In the UK depreciation of car values is greater than most countries, meaning older vehicles can be worth less than the garage bill to repair. Ultimately many cars enter the scrapping process, even though with a bit care and attention could be returned to the road. But commercial supply and demand plus the ever more critical Co2 emission laws means vehicles with many good points come to end of their working life.

(EOL) End Of Life Vehicles

So often the term EOL is referred to more in commercial terms rather than the car can actually be invested in to be road worthy. This is something to be aware of when being offered money for your vehicle. That “old friend” that has been in the family for years may in commercial terms not be worth as much as in sentimental value. Yes it may start and drive well and even look better than its age, but if there is an important part that cost more to buy and fit than the actual value of the car, then the time to let go may have come. Fuel consumption and road tax premiums have also become a factor. Why would you want to spend £500 more on fuel a year, £200 more on road tax , for a car only worth £300.

end of life car

Selling Your Car Through Other Means

This could mean that the traditional ways of sell your car may not bring the most money back in return. Buyers are very aware of the cost of running certain cars and it isn’t unusual for a scrap yard to offer more for a vehicle than a private buyer because the tradesman is valuing the car on the parts within the vehicle and scrap metal value, rather than the yearly running costs.

Scrappage Schemes

There have been schemes in the past financed by the government to assist on taking older high emission cars off the road and promoting the sales of new vehicle with lower CO2 emissions. Unfortunately there are no schemes like this at the moment. All quotes offered for your scrap car will be based on commercial value to the buyer. These scrappage schemes only applied when buying a new car anyway, not on sales direct to a breakers yard.

When Is Your Vehicle Worth More

When it comes to the used car parts market, it functions like most others. When a part is in short supply or ion great demand it commands a greater market price than others, irrelevant of the original cost new. There are some models of vehicles which there too much supply to demand and parts, end up rusting on shelves before being recycled, even relatively expensive components. However most breaker yards know what parts are in demand, after all they get the phone calls or request through the internet. So when end Of Life Vehicles become available with those parts included, they become very interested in buying as soon as possible offering the right price.

If any of the items listed below are well above average condition for the year of your car, it may be worth mentioning it within the form, to see if you can increase your scrap disposal value.


  • What engine does yours have in. Is it diesel, low miles or is a high performance version. Having a high demand engine within your scrap car, may increase its value.
  • Interior

  • Does your seats, carpets and trim look better than its age, or are they worn out. Breaker yards like to see clean interiors as are easier to sell than dirty ones.
  • mercedes car interior


  • Are the wheels standard, or are the special on any way? Clearly some alloy wheels can be worth more than the car itself. However, some mass produced standard version, may not be in demand and have little value.
  • valuable alloy spoked wheel

    Airbag Kits

  • Does your dashboard look in good condition with all airbags working, never been activated. These components all put together is called an airbag kit. Those who repair cashed vehicles are always looking for them.
  • Unscratched Or Hit Front and Rear Bumpers

  • There should be little need to explain that any contact would involve either the front or rear bumper of a car and so are in demand for most modern cars. The main thing that customers ask the breaker yard for, are examples that do not need repair or painting, If yours fit the bill maybe mention it.
  • Front and Rear Lights

  • The headlight units and rear tail lights of in good condition unscratched and offer a bright light with good electrical connection can be valuable to a breaker yard, if your fit the description, then describe them accurately.

Finally Be Realistic

If the condition of your scrap car is that it cannot be sold privately or through the so called “We Buy Any Car” type services’, then it may be time to be realistic to what cash or money you will get when selling it to a prospective buyer. Getting a few quotes may be the best way to understand the true worth of the EOL vehicle.

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