The Honda CR-X, More Than A Civic

For the Honda enthusiast it may be hard to believe that the last CR-X rolled off the production line around 25 years ago ending a brief 8 year manufacturing period. Of course it was in fact a typical Civic with what some would call a fastback in order to give it a sporty look that was reminiscent of the 1980’s. (more…)

Vehicles You Are Unlikely To See At The Scrap Yard

Just a bit of run here, but let’s be honest there are some cars you just will not see in any scrap yard, unless it is the owners of course, or maybe after a total smash and no longer even recognisable. (more…)

Don’t Forget the Wheels Before Scrapping

It has become more and more common for new vehicles to be bought with alloy or some sort of expensive wheels now, rather than just the accessories they were say 10 years ago. Good looking wheels are now common place and even when not bought as new often have been added some time in the vehicles life. (more…)

Give The Fiat Multipla A Bit More Respect

The first glimpse of the Fiat Multipla happened somewhere in late 1998 as the Italian powerhouse looked at delivering a family car that was as practical as possible. It gained much praise with its then innovative design ideas within. (more…)

Buying A Ford C Max And Driving It To Spain

I normally spend weeks if not months considering which replacement car to buy, but in this case a quick decision needed to be made as in 36 hours it was to be driven down to the south coast across the ferry and then down to the Alicante area of Spain. (more…)

How Much Did West Yorkshire Police Make From Selling Uninsured Cars

If you want to know how much the police make from selling cars they confiscated because of the lack of insure get a look at this. The West Yorkshire police force sold off or scrap over 13500 vehicles over a 3 year period between 2012 and 2015 and made over £1.8million. (more…)

So Where is The Biggest Airplane Graveyard In The World

When it comes to aviation, just popping down to the local breaker yard to get a part is not always the answer. Just like our daily drivers, airplanes also have to find a place of rest, sometimes at the end of the lives and in other times, just as storage just in case someone wants to invest the money (more…)

So The Last Top Gear Episode Came And Went

It will probably be the most viewed and most anticipated episode of all time, where we say farewell to the 3 middle aged guys having fun and acting a completely different mental age. We had some hints from Jeremy Clarkson, that many viewer may be disappointed, but he did think one of the pieces was quite good. (more…)

A Motor Skills Shortage in The North East.

There was a time when a job was a job but employers expect so much now so they can pass quality and good value on to their customers, that a higher level of skill is required. (more…)

The Paperless Driving Licence Has Just About Arrived

It has been the norm in Europe and the USA to have a plastic card as your licence, so much easier to carry around and more data can be stored on it. not to mention being stronger for those washing machine incidents. (more…)