Another Reminder That Scrap Yards Can Be Dangerous a Fire In Preston

There are no shortage of news relating to scrap yard fires throughout the country it must be one of the biggest nightmares for the fire brigade after bonfire night. But in April 2015 another fire filled the sky with smoke and floating debris .

This time it was a company called “Recycling Lives” which is also a scrap yard in Preston and when you have 15 engines and over 100 fire fighters in action right the rough the night, you get a feel to how big the fire was and what the potential was for spreading.
Of course in situations like this other public services need to attend also, such as the police and Preston ambulance service. However in an article by letsrecycle, no injuries were reported. Fortunately in this case, the owners were able to diver trade to another nearby depot, something the smaller guys can’t do.
It was reported that this scenario could have been much worse had it spread to other flammable areas. There were positive comments on how well its staff dealt with the health and safety of the site, but at that time no indication of how the fire had started was given. It had started at night though, where it was unlikely to have many if any staff on site.

Sometimes health and safety is over done in businesses, but here lies and exception. We are regularly reminded of the risks.