Capsize Near Southampton All Luxury Cars Could Be Scrapped

It has been on national news where a cargo ship carrying over 1200 luxury cars partly capsizes in the Solent near Southampton. To save the vessel the captain deliberately ran the ship aground on to a sandbank to prevent a total capsize. The stock included some seriously expensive cars including Rolls Royce’s, but now there is a chance the whole cargo could be scrapped.

The issues revolves around whether these cars will be safe if they ever get put on the road, especially with the current Toyota airbag situation in full flow. The retail price of these vehicles including Minis and Jaguars are also expected to drop, not counting the cost to fully check and repair them. It may be that scrap value is the best they get.

The salvage operation may take months especially as the ship is not 100% static and is moving, of course its cargo will also be moving too. The BBC reported of the possibility of cranes and tanks being attached to the ship t help it float again and how time may be a big factor in all decisions going forward. We have to assume there will be flood damage and for those who have repaired water damaged salvage projects, know the hot and miss situation with electronics and mechanics.
It seems the sand bank in between Southampton and the Isle of White has become a bit of a tourist attraction, with many Turning up to see what the fuss is all about. Whatever happens next, it won’t be cheap and will make that car accident insurance claim seem like pocket money.

It may not be the Concordia as we are talking cargo rather than people, but the salvage process will be still be complicated, dangerous and will take some time.