Crackdown Of Drink Drivers In Leeds

The Yorkshire post spent time with police in the Leeds area, waiting in the early hours of the morning to capture those who should not be driving after too many drinks. An example is the young teacher, whose friends leave him to be arrested and taken to Elland Road police station. December 2013 in the Leeds area alone 189 people were arrested for drink driving or under the influence of drugs.
Of course this whole process is to save lives as well as reducing the amount of salvage cars going to the breaker yards. It’s ironic that one police officer quoted that the taxi ranks are quite near, so why the risk?

UK High Levels

Apparently the UK has one of the highest drink driving levels in Europe, which is ironic in that our laws are one of the most relaxed in Europe. Maybe if the law stated zero drink could be consumed, it would be easier not to take the chance. Only those intent of taking on the law would risk it.
In fact a recent poll suggests 2 thirds of us would support even tougher laws. This is now the 50th year of Christmas campaigning and it seems many still do not get the message and most of us know someone who has been caught and fined and possibly locked up.

Car Litter

Even so this is the best outcome. Scrap yards are littered with cars that have been involved in accidents where drink was a contributing factor to its outcome. Not forgetting those who lose their lives or get seriously hurt from a stranger behind the wheel who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course the laws exist all year long, but the message only appears at Christmas time. we all know the message, we all know the risks and how it can destroy lives. But some of us don’t think it will happen to them.

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