Do End Of Life Cars End Up Back On The Road

A factor that is brought up through the many disposable car type websites, deals with your vehicle after been sold on, finding itself back on the road. Our experience does not see this as a problem, as most owners that requires too much  money to repair, or to sell on privately just want to get some form of cash and have it removed and do not care about its final destination. But for the minority who may care that their vehicle is actually scrapped and a certificate of destruction issued should be aware of a few things. After cash has exchanged hands and ownership transferred, the previous owner at that point has no say in what happens to that vehicle, the new owner now has those rights.

The Value Of The Parts, In Most Cases Worth More

But in reality the chance that any vehicle that is too expensive to keep roadworthy will end up back on the road is very remote and here are some reasons why. The recycle value of the parts and weight of metal within in most cases would be worth more than the old vehicle even often even if it has a MOT and is pretty sturdy, so there is no financial reward to do this. Those in the trade have to abide by far stricter re-selling rules than the private owner, so just putting an MOT on a car is still not enough, basic warranties and issues that are not part of the MOT, still need to be in order to make the vehicle sellable. So once again, there is no financial reward to invest in it.

A Few Exceptions To The Rule

The only time we can think that a car ends up back on the road would be for newer models where a major fault has been explained for the reason for scrapping, that ends up being something less serious, so if this is you, make sure you have several opinions on what is wrong with your vehicle, before asking for a quote to have it scrapped.

If you are really concerned that the new owner (breakeryard) will think twice about recycling the vehicle, then ask first before any transaction is taken.