ELV Illegally Stored Scrap Cars Harrogate.

A reminder that only licensed dealers can legally dispose or store end of life cars became apparent when a man from Harrogate was found guilty of the crime. He allowed scrap cars to be stored in premises he owned without a permit.

An array of evidence was collected on the 80 plus car, including paperwork and recorded evidence of potential dangers such as fluid and oil which need to be disposed of legally whilst scrapping vehicles. It wasn’t made clear if all vehicles were deemed as off the road. The article in the York press did not how the authorities knew about this Harrogate address where the vehicles were being stored, but it did state that this found guilty man had been i trouble before for the same crime.

Many who work on old cars are not aware of storage rules regarding vehicles that are no longer roadworthy and have been deemed as an end of life vehicle. The chemicals and plastics can be an environmental risk and are classed as waste where the suitable permit is required to prove that the correct premises, equipment and training are being used. Buying an old car then stripping ot down for parts, is not something that can be done by anyone. a cleanup of the premises will also need to be done.