How Much Did West Yorkshire Police Make From Selling Uninsured Cars

If you want to know how much the police make from selling cars they confiscated because of the lack of insure get a look at this. The West Yorkshire police force sold off or scrap over 13500 vehicles over a 3 year period between 2012 and 2015 and made over £1.8million. What is even more astounding is that some of these vehicles were luxury makes like Bentleys and Porsche.

It is a stark reminder that you need motoring insurance, or at least inform the DVLA your motor is off the road and store it. You would have thought with such tough penalties, the cheaper option would be to buy the right insurance cover.

One Of The Most Expensive Places In The UK To Get Insured

One of the worst place hit in West Yorkshire was Bradford where it is estimated to be the sixth most expensive place to get motor insurance in the UK. There may be a direct link between insured drivers and the location they live in. Ironically being uninsured increases the premiums for everyone else, compounding the issue.

It has also been stated that many who are found with no insurance are highly likely to be uninsurable anyway, maybe with previous driving history.
At the other end of the scale, when a car becomes more expensive to insure than it is worth, some may think it is a risk to take. They lose their drive every now and again to the crusher, but it is in many cases just cheaper just to buy another one and start all over again. UK is one of the cheapest places to buy cars in Europe now and certainly when certain models bet to a certain age, the re-sale value drops off massively.

Some Negatve Feedback

There are many comments on the article by the Halifax Courier relating to the police not having the right to seize other people’s property. But the real issue is not the legal implications of driving without insurance, but what happens when an accident occurs without insurance. when someone else loses their property or even health or life from someone who cannot take a financial responsibility for the incident if it were their fault.

To The Point

Let’s be frank, those who cannot get insurance can’t for a reason or maybe several. Maybe driving under the influence, or too many points for speeding etc. Do insurance companies not want to take their money? Of course they do. They don’t do it because the high risk factor if an accident and yet it is often these drivers on the road without any cover at all. Plus the “The AA” reckon a full £33 is added to everyone’s policy premiums due to these drivers.