Learning About Scrap Cardboard

This is the term given for cardboard that has served its initial purpose and now is considered old and useless. Think again about this. This product serves a valuable role in improving a firm’s overall business operations. It can increase productivity, profitability, and green living compliance. When efficiently used it can lower workplace injury, reduce insurance claims, and protect everyone involved. Below will be some reasons for this.

Works toward a greener environment
Scrap cardboard can fit in perfectly with living a greener lifestyle. After a firm has used a new box, the box can be recycled and used again instead of being thrown out and treated as trash. This saves landfills from being cluttered. It saves one of the earth’s most valuable resources, land. Environmental experts state that recycling one ton of cardboard will save 46 gallons of oil and 9 yards of landfill space.

Reputable boxing companies who have been in business awhile will have a developed a list of national and international customers willing to purchase and reuse boxes. Cardboard boxes account for 90 percent of the worldwide shipping trade.

Cardboard manufacturing uses trees. Trees are processed into the pulp needed to make boxes of all shapes and sizes. Firms can feel good about doing their part in protecting our valuable natural resources and planet by reusing cardboard boxes instead of buying new ones. Many times, firms can take advantage of available tax credits. Checking with taxing authorities will provide more information in this area.

Saves company resources
When a company handles its own recycling, it takes time away from more productive and profitable tasks. Recycling requires human effort to break down, sort and bale boxes. It requires handling paperwork, processing transactions, and other administrative duties. These tasks cost money in the form of wages. They also increase the risk of worker injury. Hiring an outside firm to handle these tasks can save valuable resources.
Reputable and experienced professionals can handle all paperwork and logistics involved with handling scrap cardboard.

A company can save its financial and human resources by not having to purchase, use or lease a baling machine. Baling machines cost thousands of dollars and can put a severe strain on company finances. The machines not only cost money, but take money to operate. Employees need to be specially trained and perform duties in compliance with OSHA. Hiring a professional firm will relieve the company of its baling duties and responsibilities.

A ready-made market
There is a high demand for scrap cardboard. When there is high demand for anything, prices are at a premium. This is reflected in the scrap cardboard segment of the boxing industry, as well. Reputable companies with experience in the boxing industry, like Boxsmart, are known for paying as much as 91% more for scrap cardboard than other companies in the industry. These professionals understand the importance scrap cardboard plays in the overall success of a variety of customers. Typical customers include bottlers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesales, and standard recycling companies. There are even companies that use scrap cardboard to produce ethanol fuel. Logistics and paperwork are handled.

Scrap cardboard provides an excellent additional revenue stream for any company to consider. Dealing with only an experienced and highly reputable firm, like Boxsmart, can be one of the best decisions management makes.