One Way Not To scrap Your Car In Bradford.

A VW polo sitting in a Bradford city centre car park since 2013 is heading for the scrap yard if the parking fee are not paid for. As this that is going to happen as currently the charges have built up to over £5000, since it has been standing there since 2103. The pictures on the daily mail clearly show the vehicle is in very poor condition, so this car is heading straight to the breakers yard.

The R Reg Polo) (aprox. 1997), has its windows broken and serious levels of rust and the best the car park can di is stick a notice on it giving it 7 days to pay up or it will be destroyed.

Here we are talking 2 years, but if were to illegally park with those clampers around it would be 2 hours before being towed away and 2 days to pay up.
The Bradford NCP car park just reported the vehicle to the council this January, for them to take charge of the situation and place the notices and only now is the registered keeper being informed (according to the daily Mail). Quite astonishing as it has been an eyesore for the last 2 years. Tere is also the issue of petrol in the tank. if this had gone to a scrap yard, then the fuel would have been removed immediately for safety reasons, but leave the same vehicle to rust and fall apart in a Bradford city car park and it is not seen as an issue.

It also gives an idea of how much car park charges actually are. we are talking around £5200 for 2 years, that is £2600 per year, to leave a vehicle in building, not a bad earner.

The final point was there are better ways to scrap your car. A single phone call and this vehicle could have been collected for free and money given in exchange. In this instance the NCP, council and tax payers are all inconvenienced.