How UEM Viro Deals With End Of Life Cars In Malaysia

It’s is not just European laws that are strict with the end of life process required to recycle and deal with car waste and scrap, Malaysia is also playing its part. The UEM plant has a video that shows the very strict process required. (more…)

Another Reminder That Scrap Yards Can Be Dangerous a Fire In Preston

There are no shortage of news relating to scrap yard fires throughout the country it must be one of the biggest nightmares for the fire brigade after bonfire night. (more…)

When Your Car Has Died It Still Has Value

Don’t take my work for it, Road and Track say just that and John Cangany, Sustainability Communications Manager for Ford says a car is the most recyclable consumer product. there should be no surprise as by law in Europe over 90% of every new car has to be recycled, (more…)

One Way Not To scrap Your Car In Bradford.

A VW polo sitting in a Bradford city centre car park since 2013 is heading for the scrap yard if the parking fee are not paid for. As this that is going to happen as currently the charges have built up to over £5000, since it has been standing there since 2103. (more…)

ELV Illegally Stored Scrap Cars Harrogate.

A reminder that only licensed dealers can legally dispose or store end of life cars became apparent when a man from Harrogate was found guilty of the crime. (more…)

Capsize Near Southampton All Luxury Cars Could Be Scrapped

It has been on national news where a cargo ship carrying over 1200 luxury cars partly capsizes in the Solent near Southampton. To save the vessel the captain deliberately ran the ship aground (more…)

Police Raid Scrap Yards In St Helens

A large operation took place on 22 April as several police officers raided several commercial premises in order to find stolen car parts and other items. (more…)

Children Being Transported In Cambridge Without Seat Belts

We all probably know some driver who states he can’t drive with a seatbelts and restricts their driving. But astonishing figures has arisen from Cambridge where the police have fined over 8500 motorists since 21012 for not wearing their seat belts. But even more worrying is the 475 children who were not wearing suitable seatbelts.


How Many Scrap Yard Fires DO We Need

We live in a world where many businesses are faced with strong health and safety rules, that seem to take over the day to day operation. Hi viz jackets, helmets, painted lines to cross a different type of skip for every item disposed of. Yet with al this going on, there still seems to a wave of scrap yard fire occurring up and down the country. (more…)

Better Control Of Write Offs Is Asked For

There are many who still think how we record cash damaged cars is still insufficient and encourages cheap repairs that are unsafe. Frank Harvey who is head of NAoB, suggests a National Register should be set up and a specific code of practice put into force.  All crashed vehicles are categorised based on the cost to repair by insurance companies rather than a rating by a safety professional (more…)