So The Last Top Gear Episode Came And Went

It will probably be the most viewed and most anticipated episode of all time, where we say farewell to the 3 middle aged guys having fun and acting a completely different mental age. We had some hints from Jeremy Clarkson, that many viewer may be disappointed, but he did think one of the pieces was quite good. After all these were never meant to be the final curtain and originally filmed as a normal part of their current series.
We knew it was different as soon as the program started, no audience and of course no Jeremy. It was clear that James and Richard, did not see this as a celebration and their delivery of the film links showed this, wit quite serious presenting. Yet there was a large elephant model in the background, clearly depicting the “The elephant in the room”, Jeremy, again quite amusing. There were 2 clips to show, both previously unseen and filmed before Jeremy’s sacking, Richard also said, one of them is quite good.

Clip 1, Living With Motoring History

The first clip related to classic cars and what it was like to be an owner. It started out with an excited Richard and a very bad mood Clarkson going into the winter months each with their own vehicle from the 70’s. A MBG GT, Peugeot 304 convertible and an imported Fiat spider (LHD). Then a very clever piece where we see all 3 guys sitting with their cars through Winter, Halloween, Christmas, New year, Valentine’s day right up to spring when all 3 cars re-appeared, all upgraded in some way.
Here we get a different reaction where all 3 presenters are loving driving these improved pieces of history. Of course a serious of test appear form the so called producers, that require them to go to a historic show that turns out to be only for performance Japanese vehicles, and some track driving. By the time their vehicles had been tested for remaining Horse Power, we could see it was nearly the end of the road for all 3. a further drive to another show of only 20 miles the next day, saw the end of that piece.

Clip 2 Living With A SUV

The second clip was all about the popularity of SUV’s and whether you could enjoy their benefits for under £250. They began their story in Rutland next to the lake, with 3 SUV’s a Vauxhall Frontera, Jeep Cherokee and a Mitsubishi Pinnin. a series of tests also followed, from how far it would take to accelerate to 60mph and then stop again. The standard was set with a modern Kia Sportage. Of course if you missed the stopping point by far you ended up in a very deep water trench. It was inevitable that one was going to get wet and it ended up being James May as he had already informed us of a faulty brake disc. A Caravan towing content around an oval track followed with the usual carnage that Top Gear reserves for all caravans.

The Typical Top Gear Race

Then there was the challenge to get their SUV’s across country land to Broughton Hall, and this is where we see the Classic Top gear come into life. At this point we are not sure if the punching incident had already occurred and Jeremy is aware of a a future fate, or if the main tension of the piece is filmed before. But as they a battle across muddy fields and moats, Clarkson is heard to shout out “I Hate working On Top Gear”, a line either very deliberate or an unknown sign of things to come. eventually we hear the sound of a grinder and Jeremy chops his SUV in half, and wins the challenge. Of course very scripted and something that could not be done in real life in this kind of timescale, but it was funny. and there was a forfeit for the loser ad that was Richard doing his after dinner speech in a mud ridden tuxedo and tie. Of course he played this to perfection.

The End Of An Era

And that was the final episode with the current presenters. However their final words were almost unbearable, when both James and Richard said thanks for watching and oh yes “Goodbye”

Chris Evans will host a new Top Gear with yet unknown hosts. There is no doubt he will do a good job, but the format will be different. We will have to wait to see if what new series comes from the original presenters and what it will be called.