Top 5 Engineering Blogs

Good automotive engineering blogs are hard to find, but the ones that do exist are highly professional and can keep you abreast of the changes and breakthroughs in the highly volatile automotive industry. Fortunately, many automotive engineers are willing to share their expertise in several blogs that are lively, filled with fascinating engineering applications and keep professionals and students up to date on the latest developments and events in the automotive industry.

Blog No. 1:
This blog is rated No. 1 because of its great design, use of engineering illustrations, and the overall quality of the blog posts. You’ll learn about embedded software shortcuts for the automotive industry, explicit dynamics analysis, and the latest conferences to present engineering theories.

This blog is visited by practicing engineers, engineering students and instructors. Of particular interest to students may be Sandeep Sovani’s blog post on car design where he discusses how engineers design a car for the best fuel efficiency using aerodynamics. This blog spot is updated frequently and has information rich content written by engineers.

Blog No. 2:

Electronic Design’s blog space is recently updated and active with in-depth articles and blogs on particular electronic breakthroughs in the automotive engineering field. Search under “automotive” to see the pertinent articles and blogs.

Recent blogs discuss automotive safety design and how technology helped to win the Indy 500. This blog will keep you up-to-date on new car technology and provides specs on new car technology. Contributors are leading experts in their field, so content is information loaded and worth the read.

Blog No. 3:

The blog at Automotive Engineering International explores breaking issues for the automotive manufacturing industry. Recently updated, this blog discusses impactful issues such as which carmaker won first place in Consumer Reports’ 2013 annual Car Brand Report Card and which redesigned car parts are leading the patent race. To find the answers to these questions, check out the blog. This blog is appropriate for insiders, as well as consumers wishing to get an insider’s view of the automotive industry.

Blog No. 4:

The blog at Racecar Engineering’s online magazine has interesting speculation about luminaries in the racing world, the world’s top auto races and other issues impacting auto racers. They update their blogs regularly, and content is humorous, professionally written and of interest to racers and racing fans.

Blog No. 5:

When you need some comic relief about automotive engineering, visit Pawl Bearing’s blog. It’s a professionally designed site with humorous glimpses into the life of an automotive engineer.

Whether you are a professional engineer or a student, reading these automotive engineering blogs will inspire you and give you a bigger perspective on the automotive industry outside your particular niche. If you are thinking of specializing in a particular area of automotive engineering, these blogs can give you insight into which areas are the hottest ones for future development.

The design and development of software modules for the automotive industry is one area that is showing a lot of growth; another area is the development of hybrid drivetrains. Remember, accessing these blogs is free and can be done from any location. Visit these blogs and check out what’s happening in the automotive engineering field today.

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