Vehicles You Are Unlikely To See At The Scrap Yard

Just a bit of run here, but let’s be honest there are some cars you just will not see in any scrap yard, unless it is the owners of course, or maybe after a total smash and no longer even recognisable. Even if they are badly damaged or old and run down, there are some cars that will always be loved by someone let list a few.

Aston Martin Vanquish

Absolutely stunning and even in decades to come you are unlikely to see one of these in such a bad state it will be stripped for parts. This one is presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013 and looks great in Blue.
Displayed at Geneva motorshow Aston Martin Vanquish blue

Bugatti Veyron

What was the fast road car ever produced and where the manufacture loses millions of pounds on every model made, making it very unlikely that any other make will make a competitive version. The tyres only last 8 minutes on full speed and where the titanium indicator stalk costs more than a new small hatchback, you can’t image the average breakers yard having any if these ever in stock.
brown bugatti veyron geneva motor show


These retro looking open topped sports cars and still made in a similar way as of the last 70 years. Many parts still crafted by hand and vehicles are physically moved from location to location o the small factory floor. Waiting lists of many years, should be expected when buying new. even a truly bad accident damaged vehicle, would be considered for repair because of the base chassis used and the bolt on part option. There are some models from the 1970’s and 1980’s that may be found dismantled. Often of the shelf engines were used.
Morgan Car display at Geneva Motor Show

What about Ferrari, Lamborghini And Maserati Models

Believe it or not there are breaker yards that have most of these models in. This is because they are produced in higher numbers than we may think and the cost of repair can be many times the cost of just buying a replacement. But there are still some iconic models that would be unlikely not to be repaired for example the Ferari. Enzo, F40.
Of course the list is much bigger and in fact when looking back in history there are models that not many years after being manufactured, were taken off the roads in droves, but now because of rarity would no longer be scrapped. may Italian cars such as Alfa Romeos and Lancia’s as an example. Subject to serious rust issues in the day, now a rarity factor probably means no more will be destroyed.