Anwsering The Question What Do I Do?

Some basic information here about the process of disposing that old banger

Fill In The Form

The first thing to do is to fill in the simple form giving as much information about the vehicle as possible. Remember you are not entering any contract at this point, so there is no obligation on your part, but be aware that any cash offered will be based on this information you give.

Please be specific and honest with the information you give. Over selling a car, can mean a breaker removes their offer; in the same instance do not forget to mention any positive features that may get you a better quote.

Most breakers are busy people and prefer to do business over the phone, quickly and efficiently. You can state only to be contacted by email, but you may not get the same response as by phone.

Wait For Breakers to Contact You

After you have completed the phone, only the scrap agents who work in your area will get access to your information. (Remember at this point, they do not have full address details and only brief vehicle info). Those who are interested will call you and probably ask a few more questions and then make an offer over the phone (or state they can only offer free collection).

If you accept the offer, please remember to take down the details of the breaker, so you know who you are dealing with. (We have had issues where customers have forgotten who they were dealing with. Who then either changed their mind on the deal or were unable to be in when the agent arrived to collect the car. We do not have this information to give back to you, to try and rescue the deal).

Remember does not get involved in any discussions or negotiations, any deal is between you and the breaker.

When They Arrive

Please make sure you are in when promised. Then ensure you give the relevant documents to the agent (such as the completed V5) and make sure you receive any relevant documents from the breaker, to ensure it is clear that legal ownership has changed.

Please Store Your Document.

As you would store and document from any vehicle you sold, you should do the same. We do not have any details of the deal you have struck or with whom.

What Not To Do

Sometimes you may change your mind on a deal or be offered a better one after another one you have agreed. Please do not let the breaker turn up without knowing you have changed your mind, by this time they would have incurred costs, which they may feel you are responsible for. Please either stay with the agreed deal, or give plenty notice to the original breaker yard that the original agreement is off.

Breaker yards do not have the time to offer prices then go back on that deal and face losing that car. However if when they arrive they feel the vehicle is not as you described (or you do not have the documentation you said you had), they have the right to change the offer.

Remember any contract to dispose of your vehicle occurs at the time money or contracts exchange, not previously through our system. Exaggerating the value or features of the car will only waste time for you and any breaker yard.

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